How to market your podcast guest appearance

You got booked on a podcast. The host has released the episode. How do you now use that episode to:

  • Maximize PR value?

  • Re-affirm yourself as a leader in your industry?

  • Drive business impact?

To promote your podcast guest appearance:

  1. Collect the episode assets

  2. Promote on Social Media

  3. Get it out to your email list as a standalone or as part of your newsletter

  4. Add it to your website

  5. Transcribe the episode into a blog

  6. Add it to your media kit

We're going to use a recent appearance of Michael Juergens on the Pairs With Life Podcast to walk you through these steps.

1. Collect the episode assets

If the host is on top of things, they'll send across some marketing assets for you to use in your promotion of the episode.

This will include a shareable link to the episode and possibly some other things like HTML code to embed on your site.

podcast booking email

The link they send you will be the one you use to promote on the channels of choice.

You may also want to create some of your own marketing materials for the various platforms. Here are a few different types of content you can create to go with your posts from least effort to most.

Low Hanging Fruit

Some shows record video along with audio. If this is the case you can screenshot a point in the recording that seems interesting.

This should be a time when you either looked very serious or were laughing. You want the image to be intriguing and make the viewer wonder what's being said.

podcast booking happy
Very Serious

podcast booking guest

Medium Effort

If you want to take it a step further, create a free Canva account (if you haven't yet) and attach a quote from the show to an image. Canva has hundreds of social media templates for you to chose from. Here's one I created in 5 minutes:

podcast guest appearance promotion

Doing the Most

If you really want to get advanced you can create an Audio Visual. You can use for free to create <1min audio visuals.

This is another form of a marketing asset where people will be able to listen to a snippet of your interview in your post.

Sometimes you can even just rely on the host to create something for social media and then just share it with some uniquely written copy. For those of you with the least amount of time and no team to do this for you - this may be your best choice.

If you have a team, or want to do the most, you could even do all of the above and reference it over multiple days.

Now that you have your marketing materials - lets talk about how you'll use them.

2. Promote on Social Media

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure you're connected with the host and the show you appeared on - on whatever platform you plan on promoting the show on. If you can't easily find the relevant accounts, they should be more than happy to provide those to you upon request.

Next, you'll want to write the copy for your post.

The goal with each line of your post?

To get the reader to read the next line.

Then what?

To read the next line.

Then what?

To click on the link you shared.

DO NOT just write: "Great chat with X host on Y podcast the other day, have a listen here: episode link"

DO write something that reflects an interesting point you touched on in the episode OR even just write about the show you were on. This will draw the reader in so by the time they get to your link, you've peaked their curiosity enough for them to actually click on it.

I was recently on the Launch Your Book Podcast and used the names of 3 other episodes as my first 3 lines of copy to hook the reader. Usually a host puts time and effort into choosing an enticing title so why not just include those for a quick and easy intro to the show in your post?

This also helps to further the relationship with the host because I'm essentially focusing on how great the show is instead of myself. I've oftentimes found that this will also resonate with your audience as well so your posts don't come across as just bragging all the time. If you're going to be appearing on a lot of shows, I would highly recommend this approach.

Since my following is generally the same on each social platform, I like to focus on writing one engaging post and then recycle it elsewhere.


get booked on podcasts


podcast promotion

You can see here that I took the easy way out. The host was gracious enough to create her own graphic so I was able to just take that for my own post.

Promoting (or not promoting) your show in Facebook groups.

One strategy you can take is to find and join groups that include your ideal audience.

WARNING: Don't just join the group to post your episode. Start joining the groups now, before you need them, and start contributing to the conversation. Provide value wherever you can and ask questions. If you don't do this first, you will be blocked and your post deleted.

Also make sure to check the group rules before promoting your episode as some groups don't allow self-promotion and will delete the post.

If you're a consistent member of the groups, who's name is recognized, you'll be able to get away with a lot more.

I would also recommend including your episode as an answer to someones question, instead of as a standalone post in the group. If you can tie your interview in as the answer to someone's question, then your post will make a lot more sense in the context of the group.

Here's a great blog about this strategy which even goes so far as to say that you shouldn't promote yourself in these groups at all. Instead make your profile a call-out to your work. Then, just engage with people in these groups, providing value wherever possible, so that they want to check out your profile. Once they follow you back to your profile, they'll see all of the shows you've been on and potentially begin to check them out.

Engage with the post of the host

The host will most likely have a social strategy of their own. Feel free to ask the host for a list of all of the places they plan on posting the episode. Then, when the posts are live, make sure to like, comment, and share their posts. Again, if you can promote someone else promoting you, you'll come across a lot more legitimate and less egotistical than just promoting yourself.

3. Get it out to your email list as a standalone or as part of your newsletter

Depending on your email list strategy, you can either blast out your interview as it's own message or include your recent appearance as part of a monthly newsletter. If you're like me, less is more, and I like to just include one guest appearance in each of my monthly emails.

This will probably be your biggest tool in driving traffic to the episode which will make your host very happy. It will also re-affirm in your subscribers minds that you are an expert worth listening to.

4. Add it to your website

If the host sends you HTML code to embed in your website - you can easily integrate it on your homepage. I won't go into that here but here's a short how-to video I've used before to embed HTML code.

Another way you can add it to your site is by calling it out on a home page. I constantly have my 3 most recent appearances shown on my home page.

podcast sharing

By showing your interviews, you establish your credibility as someone who's worth interviewing.

You also drive listeners to the episode which will build a great relationship with the host in case they want to have you on the show again. The more listens on your episode - the more your host will see that people enjoyed your guest appearance.

For those of you that have a media page on your site - you could also include the episode there.

5. Transcribe the episode into a blog

You can either pay a virtual assistant to do this or use I LOVE this tool. It saves you a lot of time and money transcribing anything you need transcribed. I found it to be around 90% correct so you'll definitely still want to go back over the transcription for grammar and spelling.

Transcriptions of your episodes can be great for Google SEO as they will often contain a lot of the keywords you are probably trying to rank for.

6. Add it to your media kit & email signature

Save a link to the show somewhere so you can now include it when pitching other shows & media. You could also even include this link in your email signature to help drive listens.

If you're like me and send, at a minimum, 50 emails a day you could be promoting the episode with each email.

So there you have it. Those are the 6 steps to promoting your guest appearance to maximize your exposure, re-affirm yourself as an expert in the industry, and drive business impact. Please reach out if you have any questions.

If you want to gain more credibility and increase your exposure, feel free to check out our podcast booking service.

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