How to Increase Amazon Ad Success Before Your Book is Published

What if I told you that you can take steps to make your Amazon ads more successful before you even begin using ads? Amazon ads can be tricky because they are influenced by many different factors. Today, I will be going over how you can ensure Amazon ad success before your book is even launched.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  1. Market Research

  2. Titles, Subtitles, and Descriptions

  3. Prepping for a Book Launch

  4. Market Yourself as an Author, Not Just a Book

  5. Start Advertising

These steps all make a huge difference in how your ads will perform and your overall sales.

Market Research

Before even writing your book, you need to make sure that your idea will sell. Market research is the most important step in writing your next Amazon bestseller.

Here’s what you should be looking for when doing your research:

Proof of a preexisting market: You want to find proof that your target genre is prevalent on Amazon and that people are buying books in that subject. This can be done by searching popular keywords that would be related to your book.

The level of competition: While you want proof that other books are selling in the same genre, there can be too much competition. As seen below, your book topic should be specific enough to stand out amongst competitors so your book is shown on the first few results pages, not get buried with thousands of other search results. If you are writing a book on reducing stress, that may be a great idea, but it is very hard to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other books that cover the same topic.

market research for book
coming up with book topic

Books in that market are selling at a decent price: Having books in the same market is one thing, but are they selling? Look at the price and both the overall sales and category rankings for books in that subject. We typically recommend pricing Kindle books anywhere between $3.99-$5.99 and $12.99+ for paperback. We also have an article regarding the types of books that consistently sell here.

Discover what your ideal readers want in a book: Your target audience will be looking for books in your genre with a specific purpose. The best way to find out what your audience wants from your competition and what your competition is lacking? Reviews. Reading reviews from other books in your market helps you decide what can be improved upon and what will be more marketable to your target audience. If you are able, speaking directly with members of your ideal audience will help gain some insight as well.

Take your time on market research. These steps will have the greatest impact on the marketability of your book. After finishing your market research, it is time to begin writing!

Titles, Subtitles and Descriptions

You may have been told “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but unfortunately, most consumers do. With these simple tips, you can ensure that your title and description will help boost your ads and make them more effective.

Important elements of a book title include:

Pique the consumer’s curiosity: When scrolling through books on Amazon, the title is the very first thing a consumer reads. The title needs to be able to draw in the reader, while also highlighting what the book is about. Having an interesting title will lead the reader to click on your book and the buy button.

Leave room for mystery: Don’t let the title ruin the surprise and intrigue of the book. While for non-fiction books you want to be more straightforward, the title should be short enough that not all elements of the book are revealed.

Specific, yet easy to discover: The best way to sell books is to have a title that consumers are more likely to search. Testing out different keywords to see which ones generate more searches can help in making your title stand out without being too broad.

Subtitles for clarity: As seen below, even though the title is more broad, adding a subtitle can help give readers a better understanding of what your book is about. A subtitle can add to a consumer’s curiosity and elevate your cover.

creating book title

Once you have a good title that intrigues the reader enough to click on your book, next you will need a description that will sell:

Visually Appealing: The average human attention span has dropped to eight seconds. To keep your readers from clicking away from your book, the description needs to be visually appealing (no more thick paragraphs!) and easy for the reader to skim over.

Hook the reader: In any description, the first few sentences need to be the hook. This is how readers will be convinced to read the rest of the description.

Include a solution: What will your book solve? What direction does this book go in? These questions are important to address so readers know what they are getting from your book.

writing book description

Why readers need your book: At the end of the description, finish with a sentence or two that reiterates the value your book brings to the reader.

ending book description

Now your book is complete and each detail refined. Now let’s get into launch day, and how even that can have an impact on your ads.

Prepping for a Book Launch

The day of your launch is the most exciting time for your book. Your hard work is finally being showcased and sales can now begin.

The key to a successful book launch? Promotions! Your book is completely new to Amazon and no one knows about it. That is where promoting comes in and boosts sales. Here are some easy and effective ways of promoting your book:

Promotion sites: Promoters such as Bargain Booksy, Fiverr, BookSends, and many more aid in getting your book out there to many audiences. There are many reputable promotion sites offering different features and each one is worth the exposure and sales you get on launch day.

promotion site for books

Mailing lists: In about 30 minutes, you can create an email template and have it sent out to your friends, family, and peers. Email listservs are the easiest way to inform those you know about your book, and the message be sent the morning of your book launch.

Social media: If you have a following on social media, time to take advantage of it. Create

posts the days before and during your launch advertising your book to your followers.

Reviews: Book reviews have a great impact on Amazon ads. The more reviews you have, the more likely it is that Amazon will be placing your ads higher on a browsing page. Getting reviews before, during, and after your launch is one of the best ways to boost ads. To learn more about getting reviews for your book, check out our other article here.

getting reviews on a book

You’ve started marketing and your book is set to launch - what more is there to do? We recently discovered another factor that makes a difference in the success of your ads - branding yourself.

Market Yourself as an Author, Not Just a Book

For best selling authors, selling their books is easy because the author themselves is well known. Building up a following and marketing yourself as an author, rather just marketing your book can improve ads.

Here are some of the best ways to create your own brand:

Amazon Author Page: Your Amazon Author Page is the place to showcase you. This is where all your books should be grouped together, so readers can easily access all of your work. Besides having a photo, biography and all of your books, you should also include any social media links, your website and blog if you have them as well.

Creating amazon author page

On this Author Page, the author’s headshot, biography, book, blogs, and other links are all clearly displayed.

Author website: In addition to having an Amazon Author Page, you can boost your brand by having a personal author website. The best way to create one is to model your website based off of other authors, choose a theme, and create basic pages. Make sure to add all of your content and other social media as well.

Multiple related titles: In regards to advertising, we have found that the best way to sell books and market yourself is to have multiple titles that are related. For fiction writers, we recommend a series of at least three books. For nonfiction, having multiple related books, such as self-help books can boost sales as well.

Podcasts: Podcasts are a secret weapon in marketing your brand and selling your books. Many podcasts have a very loyal following, so marketing yourself and your book can definitely increase sales and boost your ads. For some of our favorite podcasts, check out our other article here.

Small differences can have a huge impact on your ads. The more you focus on yourself as an author, the better your book will sell.

Start Advertising

Now it is finally time to start advertising! By following the above steps, you are giving your ads a better chance of success and your book will reach markets you have never expected to reach. After completing those steps, getting your reviews, and launching your book, it is the best time to start running ads. We also have an article on making your ads successful.

Congratulations! You can now relax and watch the work you put in translate into sales.

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