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Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I started with a message that I wanted to share with the world and turned that into a service, course, and another book, helping fellow authors do the same. Why do I do this? I remember as a child walking upstairs at my American grandfathers house to find every wall of every room covered floor to ceiling in books. His favorite was fiction. Stories that took him into other worlds, timelines, and the ability to experience the world from some ink and paper. I grew up surrounded by books and book lovers, it’s in my blood. As a writer and a reader, I find books to be an avenue to experience a life other than your own. Only in a book can you peer into the mind of someone else. Either for entertainment or growth, it’s one of the sacred ways to have an experience without having to live it, although a really good author makes us feel like we have. It’s such a deeply personal thing for everyone, a conversation you get to have or sit in on, with another person, time, or galaxy.

It only makes sense that a very big part of my life is helping fellow authors share their stories, experiences, and lives with a larger audience. I’ve been able to share so many unique messages and stories from,

Britfield and the Lost Crown,

amazon advertising bestseller

to Memoir Writing

ranking on amazon ads author book

to If Trees Could Talk

amazon ads for authors

and hundreds of other unique messages that authors want to share with the world. If you look at just the 3 examples above, you’ll see that I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a wide variety of book types and genres from adventure books for kids, to raised bed gardening, business strategy tips, to books about writing other books!

I take the time to meet each author 1:1 and hear about their inspiration for writing. To me it’s more than just click through rates, orders, sales, and ACOS. It’s about the unique messages that I get the pleasure of helping their creators share.

So welcome to Advanced Amazon Ads. More than just an Ad Management Service, Course, or book. But a passion for sharing messages with our fellow humans in the hopes of bettering their lives, or bringing them some genuine moments of emotions.

Advanced Amazon Ads

Why start a blog too?

I’ve always enjoyed communities of people that come together with the purpose of making each-other better. I’m a fan of democratizing information and helping the 1% of people willing to put in the work, succeed.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of transparency around the Amazon Advertising Platform. (Like even figuring out what your profitability should be) This blog’s goal is to provide countless case studies(Like this one on Bid+, or this one on expanding to Canada), about the various methods/strategies I’ve tried and which ones have succeeded, and failed. This blog is not just for you. This blog is for me to have a place to write about the various strategies I’m trying and have tried. A testament to what is currently working and what’s not, and a way to organize thoughts into actual case studies. I’m a self-development junkie and that spills into my work and the desire to be the best at whatever I do. Whatever’s worth doing, is worth doing well. Why not make that public so the authors like myself, who didn’t start off with funding of any sort, have a chance to make a real impact with their book.

This is also a place to crowdsource. If you read one of my case studies and have had a similar experience, or opposite experience, this is a place for us to consider that data, and have a conversation about what that might mean for an effective strategy. Where to start? Try our most read blog, Top 9 Reasons your Amazon Ads Aren't Working.

So there you go, and here we go. Onwards and Upwards!

Experience Over Degrees Advanced Amazon Ads

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