5 types of books that I see consistently sell well on Amazon

Under the following categories, I have multiple books that consistently sell well and profitable. To protect those authors, I won't give away the exact topics they write about but feel confident that this general list of genres will provide you with some insight into the types of books you may want to think about writing if you goal is to make a business selling books on Amazon.

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1. Outdoor How To's (Skill or Activity)

People love How To's, you'll see that there's two How To's on this list. Do some research on Google Trends to see what outdoor activities/skills are in. Combine these two and you've got a pretty good chance of getting it right.

Now a final note here is that the book will sell best if it also addresses some smaller niche as well such as How to Build a Treehouse with Your Kids. This doesn't just address how to build a treehouse but also addresses how to do it with your kids. This is the type of niche writing that will help your book stand out on the shelf.

As you can see on the bottom right. Roller Skating is huge right now. Book idea: How to Roller Skate Like a Pro.

2. Spiritual guides

From meditation to Kundalini Yoga, to niche spiritual practice, people have been through a lot and are looking for spiritual enlightenment to help them heal. What was old is new again and people love to get lost and found in spiritual self-help.

Word of Caution: Don't just write about how you meditate. Go deep into an ancient practice, one that is on the upswing in popularity. Again, Google Trends is a great way to see what people are searching for.

As for cover art here - keep it spiritual as well. I've seen oftentimes that covers that feel spiritual whether it be through great use of color, someone in a spiritual state, etc, people like to feel something when looking at the covers of these books.

I clicked on the first book that came up for Kundalini Yoga and you'll see it's ranked well and must be selling. You can also see what I meant about the cover image being something that provokes emotion.

3. Literature How To's

Books about writing books. I see these books thrive consistently. Book writers are often times avid book readers so what's the first thing they do when they want to write a book? They read about writing a book. See what kinds of books are selling, what stories are people most interesting in telling right now? Then do your research or compile your own experience into a book that gives a very actionable guide to some type of literature. This could also be niche, about achieving some goal through the writing of a book whether it be financial compensation or sanity. You could literally start off with researching How to Write [insert every type of book] into Amazon to see what's selling best. You could also use Publisher Rocket to analyze which categories will work best.

4. Socio-Cultural Critique

These are relevant topics of the day. People who are rilled up about various parts of society that they see as flawed, love to buy books about it. With Trump having left office there are people on the left and right, each with pretty rilled up opinions about things, and I've seen this reflected heavily on book sales.

As an Australian and an American I can also definitely say there is possibly the strongest sense of nationalism in the US than anywhere in the world. I think this is also reflected in how well some geopolitical books seem to be able to sell as well in their analysis of various foreign powers.

A word of caution here though is that people reading these books won't be satisfied with a quick overview. They're looking for near-expert level insight and critique of the issues at hand.

5. Organization books

As one of the most materialistic societies on the planet, we have a lot of stuff. (Well I don't personally because I've made a rule to only own what I can carry on my back, not joking) But I can say this confidently about friends, family, and most of America. Hence why the minimalism movement is gaining so much traction. We have so much stuff that we spend 38 billion dollars a year figuring out how to store all of our stuff.

Hence, books about storing that stuff better, cleaning up our house and our lives, and removing some of the mess, sell incredibly well. Again, try to find some sub niche that can relate heavily to the book but there is a great chance that this one will work out for you if you make sure to button it up correctly.

It's not just the genre but everything that goes into the book.

How do you sell a book profitably on Amazon besides just picking the right topic?

  1. Find the right categories to rank

  2. Sell a bigger ticket item in the book (Such as a course)

  3. Run profitable Amazon Ads

  4. Get LOTS of reviews

  5. Nail the product page

  6. Do a book launch

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