5 Best Social Media Sites for Authors

Social media - everyone is on it. As mentioned in our previous blog about ensuring ad success before your book is published, utilizing social media to your advantage can be the secret weapon to help your Amazon Ads.

Knowing which sites to use and how to use them can be the leverage you need to boost your brand and your ads. There are many different sites and groups for authors, so I will go over our favorites and how best to use each social media site.

Here’s what will be covered in this article:

  • The best social media sites for authors

  • What each of those sites have to offer

  • Which social media sites to choose

Choosing the best social media sites to market yourself

Social media can boost your personal and professional profile. It is the easiest way for people to connect, share, and interact with others from around the globe.

Here are some of our favorite social media sites for authors:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Goodreads

Which ones should you choose? Well that depends on your audience and the goals you want to achieve. We’ll go through each site individually and discuss their strengths, features, and how you can best use them to grow your audience.


Facebook for authors and writers

Facebook is our first pick due to being the largest social media network, with over 2.85 billion users. Facebook also has the most features that can be used to reach large audiences and market your brand in ways other social media sites couldn’t offer. There are readers of all ages, genres, and interests.

On Facebook, we recommend that you create an author page. Author pages on Facebook are public and allow anyone to follow and like your content. You are then able to post about all past and future work, content relevant to your brand, and anything related to your genre. Facebook Page is the best for marketing, compared to using a personal profile.

Create a Facebook author page

Creating a Facebook Group is another good alternative to creating a Facebook Page. For new authors, creating a Facebook Group is a great first step to creating a following and attracting followers and new readers. Creating a Facebook Group will require more admin than having a Facebook Page - setting privacy level, determining who can be in the group, and monitoring posts are all extra concerns in owning a Facebook Group.

In addition to Facebook Pages and Groups, there are many other features that you can utilize on Facebook, such as advertising, event creation, and newsletters. The possibilities are endless!


instagram for authors and writers

Instagram is another popular social media platform that is great for authors. This fast-growing social media site has many features that allow for users to display their creativity.

Instagram is best for if you want to reach audiences mostly consisting of readers 35 years and younger. The main use of this platform is posting photos. Showing a glimpse into your writing life, posting photos that inspired your work, and quotes are all effective ways to gain a following on this platform.

In addition to posting photos, you can also use video reels, 24-hour stories and story highlights. Using a professional account lets you run ads, boost posts and track follower analytics.

instagram analytics for professional accounts

If you are more creative, targeting younger audiences, and want to get personal with your followers, Instagram is the social media site for you!


twitter for authors and writers

Short and sweet - what could be simpler? With it’s limited character count, it is imperative to get to the point and pitch yourself in 280 characters or less. People often use Twitter as a news source for all types of news, so we can guarantee that Twitter will not be losing their users anytime soon.

Beyond branding yourself, Twitter is the best for engaging and communicating with your followers and other authors in the space. A simple like, reply, or repost is a great way to interact with followers and expand your author network. Communicating has never been easier on a social media platform.

Twitter is notoriously known for its author community. Adding a couple of hashtags to your posts or following authors can bring a lot more followers your way. There are different communities for all types of authors and genres, so you can connect with any fellow author or audience you desire.

hashtags on twitter for writers and authors


LinkedIn for authors and writers

LinkedIn is synonymous with networking. For the non-fiction authors out there, this is your audience-building holy grail. LinkedIn is filled with young professionals and readers alike.

Along with being able to connect with others and share your book, you can use LinkedIn how most professionals do - as a platform to boost your resume and credentials. Displaying your experience can make you viewed as an expert on a topic.

There are many groups for authors as well, including groups for writers, publishers, speakers, and more. These groups are a great place to connect with peers and learn more during your author journey.


Goodreads for authors and writers

Goodreads is the only social media platform on this list that is exclusively for authors. It is also the best and largest site for authors and readers to connect. Compared to the other social media platforms, Goodreads will have the most targeted audience.

You can register as a reader or an author on Goodreads. When readers join Goodreads, they are able to create a list of the books they’ve read, review them and share that list with their friends, giving authors great exposure.

When registering as an author, there are more functions available to you. The easiest marketing tool they provide is advertising your book on their platform. Another great way to increase your audience while using Goodreads is to connect with readers by giving book recommendations and interacting with the reviews they have posted in the comments section. This approach will go a lot further than messaging people to read your book, since that might be viewed as spam.

Amazon owns Goodreads, so by expanding your platform on Goodreads and getting good book reviews, you will also be boosting your Amazon profile and ads. Make sure to keep your Amazon and Goodreads reviews separate, and check out more tips on how to get Amazon reviews.

Which social media platform is best for you

I know we just went through many social media sites and their different audiences and features, so, what next?

From this list, I would focus on perfecting your presence on one social media site. Between writing, publishing, and becoming an author, you will not have enough time to do all of that and run multiple social media sites if you want to do well. After mastering one social media site, then expand to another. Doing well on any social media platform will take time; do not expect to get immediate results.

With our advice, decide which platform is best for you and then go out there and build your audience and watch the sales flood in.

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