48 binge-able Book Marketing Podcasts for authors

You're and author who's got a ton of books but no readers....

but know the potential you possess if you could just get the word out about your book!

Or maybe you're already a bestselling author....

and you desire to stay on top.

Or maybe your like me, a self-diagnosed book geek, and spend every waking minute swimming in the ocean of book marketing.....

Except for when I'm actually swimming and surfing in the real ocean (which is my other life passion)

surfing and publishing
Recent surfing trip with mi padre in Montanita, Ecuador

Then these are the podcasts for you and me.

To fight against the depression that comes with finishing the backlog of your favorite show, I've worked to compile the most extensive podcast list possible for you to endlessly binge.

Binge away....

1. Novel Marketing

novel marketing podcast

Host: Thomas Umstattd Jr.

Thomas has been in the marketing/podcasting space for a while. It's honestly impressive the media empire he has built since he first designed a website as a teenager. Along his journey, he also worked as a radio show host, which comes across well in podcast format. He's got an intriguing voice and a guest list that brings the gravy on everything from growing email lists to connecting with teen readers.

295+ Episodes

2. Book Marketing Mentors

book marketing mentors podcast

Host: Susan Friedmann

This one's hosted by the founder of Aviva publishing. Susan has been consistently podcasting about book marketing since 2015, longer than almost anyone. If you want a podcast that's going to be there for you through thick and thin, this is the one. From leveraging your book for business to using book clubs as a marketing tool, Susans got you covered.

272+ Episodes

3. Sell more books show

sell more books show podcast

Hosts: H. Claire Taylor and Bryan Cohen

Two long-standing names in self-publishing, H. Claire Taylor and Bryan Cohen have worked with more authors than you can count and are even authors themselves. From Clubhouse for authors to using human connection to sell your books, they cover the A to Z of book marketing.

371+ Episodes

4.Book Marketing Simplified

book marketing simplified podcast

Hosts: Jenn and Marcus DePaula

Married to each other in life and in audio, Jenn and Marcus have more unique backgrounds than most. Jenn and Macus actually started in the music industry as a publicist and audio engineer. I love it when people have a unique background because it often brings a unique and new perspective on old topics. They're a still relatively new podcast but one worth warming up to.

22+ Episodes

5. The Book Marketing Action Podcast

the book marketing action podcast

Host: Becky Robinson

I'm a big fan of content that focuses on giving readers and listeners an actionable blueprint to do something. Granted, only 1% of people ever actually follow through when handed a blueprint, but those who do are oftentimes rewarded with similar successes. Becky looks to provide you with that blueprint here. Now you just have to follow it.

56+ Episodes

6. Author U Your Guide to Book Publishing

author U book publishing podcast

Host: Dr. Judith Briles

Okay I lied, Dr. Briles wins the prize for most consistent podcasting about book marketing. Someone this dedicated to consistently producing the show is probably worth taking a listen to. From getting into bookstores to creating video books for children, I'm not sure if there's anything this podcast doesn't cover.

933+ Episodes

7. Self Publishing Journeys | Paul Teague's Writing & Book Marketing Podcast

self publishing journeys podcast

Host: Paul Teague

Paul is another long timer in the book marketing podcasting community. He recently reflected on his 5 years of podcasting in his April 3rd episode of this year. Paul publishes fiction books himself which comes across relatable to the indie author.

397+ Episodes

8. The Marketing Book Podcast

The marketing book podcast

Host: Douglas Burdett

This one has come highly recommended from multiple sources, and with a 733 5-star average rating on Apple Podcasts, the general author community thinks so too. Douglas has produced a professional show that comes across credible and has proven itself to a be THE authority on book marketing.

405+ Episodes

9. The Creative Penn Podcast For Writers

The creative penn podcast

Host: Joanna Penn

3.2 Million downloads.....let that sink in. Podcasting since 2009, Joanna was podcasting before it was cool. Joanna says "Also like writing a book, many people will start the journey but very few will continue for the long-term", she's proven she's here for the long-term. Her story really is a fantastic inspiration for so many of us. I would highly recommend checking it out here. Also her first episode was recorded in my home state of Queensland, Australia. :)

422+ Episodes

10. Become a Writer Today

become a writer today podcast

Host: Brian Collins

Brian Collins focuses more on the non-fiction side of things. He proves himself to be a great resource for turning your book into a business. That being said, he also does provide a lot of fiction-focused episodes too so no need to count him out if you're a fiction writer. He has episodes about the publishing industry overall and making a living from it - even if you're not an author.

129+ Episodes

11. Buzz on Book Biz

buzz on book biz podcast

Host: Richelle Wiseman

Another podcast that was more recently created, Richelle Wiseman is a professional book coach & writer who brings a refreshing podcast to the table. She focuses more on the book business and monetization side of things for those of you ready to make books your full-time gig.

21+ Episodes

12. The Global Author Podcast for Writers

the global author podcast

Host: Connor Whiteley

Conor Whiteley focuses on the branding side of things in this somewhat new podcast. A great podcast to listen to if you're looking for advice from someone who's lived the indie author life. Connor himself, writes sci-fi fantasy and more.

48+ Episodes

13. Launch Your Book Podcast

launch your book podcast

Host: Anna David

Anna David has been in the podcast game since 2013 with her AfterPartyChat podcast. You may find yourself laughing and listening to this one as Anna has a great sense of humor while still making the episodes actionable and full of DIY authors and experts.

99+ Episodes

14. Book Marketing Tips and Author Success Podcast

book marketing tips and author success podcast

Hosts: Penny Sansevieri & Amy Cornell

Penny keeps her episodes at a very digestible length of around 30 minutes or less. Penny and Amy seem to cover the creative side of marketing - a great way to train your brain to start thinking about unique ways to get in front of readers. Although they cover the traditional paths of book marketing, I'd recommend to anyone looking for inspiration for marketing outside the box.

63+ Episodes

15. PublishHer Podcast

publish her podcast

Host: Alexa Bigwarfe

Hosted by Alexa Bigwarfe of the Women in Publishing Summit you can expect a somewhat psychology heavy perspective on the author journey - from knowing your ideal reader, to using numerology to guide you on your path.

27+ Episodes

16. Get My Book Out There Podcast

get my book out there podcast

Hosts: Narelle Todd and S.E. Smith

Not just the marketing side of things, Narelle and S.E. go deep into ways to actually improve your writing like spicing up romantic scenes along with other author struggles, like staying organized.

21+ Episodes

17. Go Book Yourself!

go book yourself podcast

Host: Hilary Jastram

Answering self publishing questions one episode at a time, Hilary combines useful information with an inspiring personality. Self-proclaimed insider, Hilary is still new to the podcast space but proving to be quite informational thus far.

14+ Episodes

18. The Children's Book Marketing Podcast

childrens book marketing podcast

Host: Micaela S. Benn

Micaela hasn't had the podcast running for a long time but I expect this one will continue to grow. It may not be for everyone but for the intended audience, I'm sure they are relieved it exists. Marketing childrens books has its own unique set of challenge which Micaela is here to help you through.


19. Everybody Hates Self-Publishing

everybody hates self publishing podcast

Host: Carrie Rollwagen

At times...yes - I think we can all agree on the title. Lots of useful information, driven by personal anecdotes. Another one that I think we'll see grow into its own over time and bring on unique voices that we haven't yet heard from yet in the indie publishing community.

34+ Episodes

20. The Business Of Self-Publishing

the business of self publishing

Host: Joseph C. Kunz

Another show focused on the monetization of self-publishing. If our goal is to turn our books into our business - this is the guy to help us with it. Sorry fiction authors, this one's focused mostly on the non-fiction side of things. Good news is you might still get some creative ideas to bring into the fiction world.

101+ Episodes

21. Book Marketing for Authors Podcast

book marketing for authors podcast

Hosts: Lawrence Harte & Drew Becker

Lawrence Harte and Drew Becker have written over100 books between the two of them. They have truly turned writing into a profession. Here, they talk about 100+ ways they've marketed books. The show is no longer running but there's a treasure trove of episodes waiting to be listened to.

109+ Episodes

22. Self-Publishing School

self publishing school podcast

Host: Chandler Bolt

Not the most episodes but definitely the biggest names. Chandler has had some of the biggest names like Gary Vaynerbhuk and Dean Graziosi. If you're looking for a place to get inspired by the biggest authors on the planet - this is it.

108+ Episodes

23. Self-Publishing Show

mark dawsons self publishing formula

Host: Mark Dawson

If you're in self publishing - you know who this guy is. Fiction author turned book business entrepreneur Mark Dawson has built a community of experts and authors working to better themselves and their pursuits. This is his podcast.

278+ Episodes

24. Writer 2.0

writer 2.0 with a.c. fuller podcast

Host: A.C. Fuller

Writer 2.0 was a short run of 10 engaging episodes. The episodes that were published are choc full of useful information for the new self-publishing author.

10 episodes

25. Publishing Profits Podcast

publishing profits podcast

Host: Tom Corson-Knowles

Tom covers it all, from traditionally to indie published. Tom is also a bestselling author himself - focused on laying out the best practices for getting your book read. I have to give it to Tom, the attention to detail in this show is next to none, allowing for a very easy and straightforward listen.

179+ Episodes

26. Self Publishing with Dale

self publishing with dale podcast

Host: Dale Roberts

Let's be honest, self publishing can be a little dry. Dale Roberts brings big personality to help make book marketing a little more entertaining. Dale keeps his content engaging and it comes across in all of his platforms, including his YouTube channel.

86+ Episodes

27. The Portfolio Life

the portfolio life podcast

Host: Jeff Goins

Jeff focuses more on the mental game of entrepreneurship. This is the one-stop shop for authors to get their head right so their ideas can creatively flow out of them and into the hands of new readers.

100+ Episodes

28. So You Want To Be A Writer

so you want to be a writer podcsat

Hosts: Valereie Khoo & Allison Tait

Valereie and Allison are a dynamic duo who bring you up to date news on the publishing space. Every episodes is different from a rundown of recent changes in publishing, to going behind the scenes with successful authors.

405+ Episodes

29. Ditch Diggers

ditch diggers podcast

Hosts: Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace

"Treat your writing like a blue collar job" - honestly the best advice out there thanks to Mur and Matt. Show up every day and you will get results. The problem most of us have? Consistency. Another podcast that brings personality to publishing while helping you to get real about your goals and desires with publishing.

161+ Episodes

30. 88 Cups of Tea

88 cups of tea podcast

Host: Yin Chang

Yin will be the champion in your corner helping you to not just adjust to the professional side of authorship but also the personal. Last air date was end of last year so I'm not sure what Yins plans are on continuing the podcast but she has done a great job podcasting about the wholistic author.

100+ Episodes

31. Print Run

print run podast

Hosts: Laura Zats, Erik Hane

Laura and Erik come from the unique angle of analyzing what the point of book publishing even is. It's oftentimes in the breaking down of these concepts to the finer details that progress and new realizations can be made. If you want to escape book publishing while still exploring book publishing, this is a great podcast to open a bottle of wine to.

146+ Episodes

32. SPA Girls Podcast

spa girls podcast

Hosts: Cheryl Phipps, Shar Barratt, Trudi Jaye, Wendy Vella

The girls at the SPA Girls Podcast work to break down the barriers to self publishing in this 45-60 minute weekly show. From overcoming the technological barriers of self publishing to raving about tools they themselves have found useful as authors. This is another great show to up your publishing IQ.

80+ Episodes

33. The Bestseller Experiment

the bestseller experiment podcast

Hosts: Mark Stay and Mark Desvaux

Mark squared brings you the actionable blueprint to publish a bestseller within a year. This is a comprehensive show to help you write and market your book via personal anecdotes and stories of successful authors.

348+ Episodes

34. Kobo Writing Life Podcast

kobo writing life podcast

Hosts: Joni Di Placido and Stephanie McGrath

Kobo is a platform to help self-publishing authors create and market their books. As a professional organization with good funding, you can expect top industry experts to share useful information on all things self-publishing. Fun fact: Kobo actually used to sponsor the Creative Penn Podcast.

100+ Epsidoes

35. The Authorpreneur Podcast

the authorpreneur podcast

Hosts: Amelia D. Hay

Amelia built the show to have a coaching type feel to it. Each season has its own focus on the Authorpreneur journey. It seems as though she intends to take the potential author through each step of the publishing journey, and so far - she's done a great job.

67+ Episodes

36. Create If Writing

create if writing

Host: Kirsten Oliphant

Kirstens focus is on building an audience - arguably the most important part of turning your writing into more than just your side thing. She's got the credibility to back it up as one of the top 20 of Houston's Social Media Power Influencers.

100+ Episodes

37. AskAlliSelfPublishing

askalli podcast

Host: Orna Ross

By the Alliance of Independent Authors, you can be sure that Orna has your best interests at heart. This twice-a-week podcast offers guidance to fiction and non-fiction authors in a unique style with different themes per episode each and an interesting answer/question format to cut through the noise.

327+ Episodes

38. The Main Street Author Podcast

the main street author podcast

Host: Mike Capuzzi

Using your book to attract more customers. Mike is focused on showing you how to use your book as a marketing tool. He interviews authors who have successfully incorporated their book into lead generation.

67+ Episodes

39. 6 figure authors

six figure authors podcast

Hosts: Lindsay Buroker, Jo Lallo, & Andrea Pearson

From your book launch checklist to writing a novel a month, this team of hosts work to bring you the best methods for book marketing by reviewing things they've tried themselves along with bringing on fellow successful authors who have broken through the noise to achieve success with their book(s).

92+ Episodes

40. Published by Greenleaf Book Group

published by greenleaf podcast

Host: Tanya Hall

Being a more traditionally focused book group - Tanya focuses more on the traditional side of book marketing whether it be getting into brick and mortar stores, or working with an agent.

49+ Episodes

41. Write with impact

write with impact podcast

Host: Glenn Leibowitz

Not just about the writing of books, Glenn teaches us how to write better on our blogs and social platforms so we don't become starving artists. He also brings on an array of award winning authors to give you ideas for improving your writing and brand.

68+ Episodes

42. The Writing and Marketing Show

the writing and marketing show podcast

Host Wendy H. Jones

Episodes include effective public speaking and finding motivation. Wendy's got you covered with the ins and outs of the writing business.

71+ Episodes

43. Blurbs Sell Books

blurbs sell books podcast

Hosts: Abigail Dunard & Jim Heskett

Copywriting, copywriting, copywriting. As the great Brian Meeks once proved to me, good copywriting is as important and good prose. Abigail and Jim are here to help you improve your copywriting so you can sell more books and better convey your value to potential readers.

75+ Episodes

44. Marketing Profs

marketing profs podcast

Host: Kerry O'Shea Gorgone

Not necessarily just book marketing - Kerry brings to you the best of marketing in this 30-minute weekly show. It's very blueprint heavy on all areas of marketing. Sometimes stepping back to approach marketing as its own silo is a good way to bring new ideas to the marketing of your book.

48+ Episodes

45. The Authority Hacker Podcast

authority hacker podcast

Hosts: Gael Breton & Mark Webster

A lot of non-ficition authors write a book to become the authority in a space. Gael and Mark show you just how to do so in their <60 minute episodes. They boast the "Laptop lifestyle" which I'm certainly keen to learn more about.

278+ Episodes

46. Kingdom Writers

kingdom writers podcast

Hosts: CJ & Shelley Hitz

Christian author focused - they provide great tips and tricks on growing with religious writing. From spiritual encouragement to writing how-to's, CJ and Shelley are the authority on Christian publishing.

275+ Episodes

47. The Writing Coach Podcast

the writing coach podcast

Host: Rebecca L. Weber

I love sustainability in anything. If you're setting out to be a successful, PAID, author, you need to market in a fashion where you know you're going to show up every day to perform certain tasks. Rebecca will coach you through overcoming the many barriers to making a living with your writing in a way that allows you to create the habits that will serve you in the long-run.

146+ Episodes

48. The Book Marketing Show

the book marketing show podcast

Host: Dave Chesson

Last but not least is the Kindlepreneur himself, Dave Chesson. Dave has made himself invaluable to authors as the creator of Publisher Rocket. Dave knows how to build something from scratch and scale it and can help you do the same in his 64 episode run of the show.

64 Episodes

So there's our list of 48 bindge-able book marketing podcasts. Let me know which is your favorite in the comments below and why.