2021 Advanced Amazon Ads Author Masterclass

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Over a year in the making, the Advanced Amazon Ads class is LIVE.

Why did I take the time to create it?

I didn’t like what was out there.

Courses and training videos were on two ends of the spectrum. Courses either made things too complicated for the author, getting into correct, but unusable information or they gave the basic information that can be found in the Amazon Advertising user guide. As someone who has tried and tested every strategy out there, I felt that it was my duty to bring something the author might actually enjoy learning from. You can read further about my background here.

2021 Amazon Ads Masterclass for Authors

I’ve paid $800 for a powerpoint slide with someone narrating over - what an awful experience! Not only was it my goal to create a course that provided depth among the various Amazon Advertising topics, but one that an author would actually enjoy working through. Almost like a friend on the other side of the screen, walking them through to success. Knowing I could create something like this, I got to work outlining.

As a perfectionist though, I learn new things weekly. That’s probably why it took so long to come out, because I kept learning new things that I wanted to be included. Finally I had to say, enough is enough, it’s time to put it out. I was reassured by the fact that authors will have lifetime access and anything new that I learn, will be updated in the course on a regular basis.

What’s inside the course?

Everything I know. We get better as a community so the more I include what I’ve learned advertising 150+ books, the more students have to build on, test, and share their results back with me. This only strengthens the compounded knowledge over time.

I also wanted to make this a class that could be accessible by both the beginner and advanced user so although I include everything, I recommend jumping over various materials for the advanced user that they may already be comfortable with, so they can get to the lessons that are new for them.

So here’s the breakdown:

Setup: Admin stuff - getting an account ready

This one’s definitely for the beginner. I take the author through the whole process from their first time accessing the dashboard from their KDP account, to adding billing info, and setting up portfolios.

Lesson 1: All about auto - Auto campaign best practices & strategies

Success is oftentimes in the details. There are a few mistakes I see authors make over and over again with their auto campaigns. The three biggest:

  1. Not separating out their auto targeting campaigns to view them as separate things

  2. Not trying enough different bids over time

  3. Not effectively scaling their auto campaigns up and down based on data analysis

These along with my bid strategy metaphor, and showing a couple case studies along the way to help solidify some of the information.

Lesson 2: Generating Effective Targets

You live and die by your targeting. Even auto bids will never get working if you don’t build up some type of relevancy within Amazons system. In this lesson, we have our targeting specialist, Gabi Youssef walk through the exact steps we take every time we start with a new author. This includes how we always make sure to start off with a minimum of 100 core targets along with an expanded list of 8,000-10,000 research keywords.

We call these two campaigns our CSW, and research campaigns. Within the first few weeks of advertising, one of these campaigns will start selling copies on 7/10 books.

Lesson 3: Putting it in manual - Manual campaigns best practices & strategies

This is where we take lesson 2, and apply it to your account. Every lesson is follow-along so that an author can know exactly where to click.

Lesson 4: Product Campaigns - ASIN & Categories

Most authors don’t use these tools effectively. There’s so much more potential here than first meets the eye. We always set these up out of the gates:

  1. Cat.sug


  3. Asin.sug

  4. Asin.targeted

What authors don’t realize - is just how extensive their category targeting can actually be. My goal with this lesson was to narrow the knowledge gap when it comes to maximizing the usage of this feature. Hint: start of targeting 50+ categories.

Amazon Advertising Category Targeting Strategies

Lesson 5: Monthly Campaign Tweak Musts

This is where the long term game is played. 15 clicks and no sales? Turn it off. No impressions? Up the bid. ACOS too high? Reduce bid by desired % decrease in ACOS. I wanted to make this as exact a science as possible. I also wanted to show this in action so I actually perform the tweaking of an author's account live in the course. After a month of running ads, they had built up some great data to work off of and so in this 40min section of the course, I talk out loud all my thinking as I make adjustments to the various campaigns set up in previous parts of this course.

I learn best by doing so I wanted to give the author that hands-on experience with their monthly bid tweaks. I also do a live walk through of pulling search terms, and how I go about retargeting those month over month.

This is where the long term game is played.

Lesson 6: The Common Word Strategy - Friend or Foe?

I’m going to be honest. I call amazon support live to ask them about the truth behind common word targeting. There’s a lot of myths out there regarding the “account relevancy score” and whether or not it’s a thing. If it’s not a thing - then the common word strategy, previously thought to be dangerous, is actually a blue ocean, ready to be taken advantage of. I walk through what the strategy is and solve this myth once and for all.

Does common word targeting hurt your Amazon Ads?

Lesson 7: Foreign Markets Rundown, Setup, & Strategy

This one’s based on the data. What foreign markets are worth the investment?

How do you set up a foreign market account?

How do you translate your golden english targets into the local language?

How do you still make use of product and category targeting despite not knowing German, Spanish, or French?

Bonus: Michelle Kulp

There are a lot of factors that influence your ads outside of just your bidding and targeting. These are your behind the scenes Kindle keywords, your book launch, and the market you’re actually competing in. Because advertising should be thought of as your holistic approach to publishing, I brought in Self-Publishing expert Michelle Kulp, who’s written 10+ Amazon Bestsellers which continue to rank on Amazon months and years after their launch to walk through the valuable backend of publishing a book.

Amazon Advertising Strategies - Michelle Kulp

My offer to you:

If you’re a follower of the blog - use this code: blogreaders to take an additional 20% off the course price. Coupon valid for the first 20 authors so sign up using the code.

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