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Hi. I'm Alex, fellow author and technologist.

We make the world a better place by partnering with bestselling authors to promote their message and sell more books on Amazon. 

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At 21, Alex convinced 11 colleges to send his book to 40,000+ students across the US. Now, he's the founder of AdvancedAmazonAds.com (300+ books and $500,000+ in ad spend) where he helps authors get their book read. He works from various countries from around the world. A minimalist at heart - everything he owns fits into a backpack and duffel bag. When he's not working, you can find him sitting out on a surfboard, waiting for the next big wave.

- Alex Strathdee

Bestselling Author Turned Niche Digital Marketing Specialist


Gabi Youssef

Podcast Matching Magician


Mia Fonacier

Amazon Ads Specialist

Brian Meeks

Brian D. Meeks

The Babe Ruth of Book Descriptions


What do the authors say?


Michael P. Cohen

January Sales: $1000+


Doctor & New Author

"I feel so fortunate to have met Alex Strathdee. He has done an impressive job promoting my book on Amazon. His efforts have had an unmistakable impact on its sales growth, and there’s no doubt the results have more than covered his very reasonable fee. Thank you, Alex. We appreciate you!"

N.G. Abramson

Bestselling Author


"This book gives so much guidance for recognizing the stories I tell myself about who I am, then lays out a path for transcending those stories."

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Nova Wightman

Spiritual Life Coach

"Awake and Aligned is a magnificent portal through which you are summoned to propel
yourself into the life of your dreams, truly."

-Amazon Reviewer

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C.R. Stewart

Award-Winning Author


"Our 11 year old daughter absolutely loves this book! She even invented a "Britfield Game," where we pretend to be characters from the story"

-Amazon Reviewer

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Johan Nylander

Award-Winning Author & Freelancing China and Asia correspondent

"A well written, easy to read book on a highly relevant topic. An up-to-date background on a the issue of 'Made in China' and supply chain diversification."

-Amazon Reviewer

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Tim Young

Author & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

"Parents MUST read this book! I was trying to figure out a way to integrate life/survival skills and found this book. I'm SO glad I did"

-Amazon Reviewer

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Holly Worton

Author & Podcaster

January Sales: $1000+


"Alex has been such a joy to work with. From the very first month, his ads have performed better than the ones I had set up, and I'm now making more money than ever from my books. I love knowing that my work is reaching new people I wouldn't have reached otherwise. I'm very happy with the work Alex is doing with my Amazon Ads, and I have recommended him to all the authors I know. All of them have been just as happy with the work he's done for them. If you're tired of running your own Amazon Ads, or if you haven't yet gotten started, I highly recommend that you hire Alex to manage your ad campaigns. He will make a huge difference in your book sales!"